Fiber Fresh Feeds

We are very proud to be associated with leading animal nutrition company, Fiber Fresh Feeds, who are at the cutting edge of equine nutrition and gastric health.

Fiber Fresh Feeds is a world leading producer of advanced fibre nutrition for horses and calves. Their quality products have been powering our professional Clydesdale and light horse teams for more than 20 years.

About Fiber Fresh Feeds

The development of the unique and proprietary process of Controlled Fermentation has enabled Fiber Fresh Feeds to produce a high energy moist lucerne (alfalfa) forage feed that has been trialed and registered as HNF FiberŪ.

It has been scientifically established through Massey University in New Zealand that Controlled Fermentation HNF FiberŪ provides better nutrient preservation, and superior nutrient availability for better feed conversion.

For more information about their quality products, please see:
Fiber Fresh Feeds Limited

The Pirongia Friesian Horses perform on behalf of Fiber Fresh Feeds.
The Pirongia Friesian horses perform for the crowd on behalf of feed sponsors, Fiber Fresh Feeds, at the Fiber-Fresh Taupo Christmas Showjumping Classic.
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